Attention Managers: why is so much time, money and energy wasted in mental health matters at work?

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What is The Leaders Masterclass?

The Leaders Masterclass is a one-day course designed to help leaders and managers develop their skills when it comes to dealing with ongoing mental health issues.

Managers who can effectively develop and maintain the mental wellbeing of their employees are rewarded with increased productivity and responsiveness.

The Leaders Masterclass will immerse you in “real-life” practical situations designed to develop the skills and knowledge required for not only managing specific mental health crises when they occur, but also putting in place a strategic plan focused on identifying and resolving issues in individual members of staff before they arise.

Why join The Leaders Masterclass?

Did you know that 20% of adults in Australia suffer from a mental health problem?

In fact, 50% of Australian adults will suffer with a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime.

As a leader within your organisation, you have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of your employees.

We can help you develop the skills and understanding you and your organisation need, however putting what you learn into practice is the real key to success and our range of practical sessions will ensure you leave the Leaders Masterclass fully prepared.

Do you always know why an employee is underperforming? It could be a lack of skills, effort or care – but it could be the sign of an underlying mental health issue.

Learning to identify these issues and understanding the most appropriate course of action is exactly what we’ll teach you at The Leaders Masterclass – and it’s an essential part of running a busy, thriving organisation.

“Thank you! I had great opportunity to consider significant improvement and change in my own practice as a manager.”Jenelle T. Executive Director

“This is a fabulous course with very practical and useful advice. You were really great facilitators and I hope to do more of your courses.”Karyn Ferraris. Senior Manager

“Thank you for the information & tools provided, your passion and knowledge in this subject was amazing.”Anastasia Matafal


HR managers identified the following priorities for building workplace resilience:


Development of an organisational Workplace Wellness Strategy


Leadership training for responding to mental health issues at work


Basic training in mental health & workplace wellness for all staff

What will you learn in The Leaders Masterclass?

The Leaders Masterclass has been designed to both bring you up to date with the current mental health landscape – particularly with regard to mental wellbeing in the workplace – and to give you the practical skills necessary to deal with ongoing issues.

“I recently completed the Leaders Masterclass with the Mental Health Recovery Institute relating to mental health issues in the workplace. Apart from being highly informative, it also provided practical ways to reduce the amount of mental health issues you need to deal with in the workplace, and how to better manage such issues when they occur.

What I found most useful were the principles of the “Seven Pillars” and “PIECES.” The former establishes specific foundations to enact cultural change within the workplace, allowing significant shifts in work practices to truly deal with mental health issues for people in the workplace. The latter acronym, gives you, the manager, step by step practical guidelines to manage issues with your staff for a truly person led, strengths based outcome.

I highly recommend this course for those who see mental health issues arise at work, but have not been given the power or means to effectively deal with them. It will show you how to not only deal with mental health, but also how to foster mental wealth for everyone in the workplace.

Thank you.”Aleks Jankov. Manager

The Leaders Masterclass: cutting edge, professional, valuable, fun!

We’re among the very best in our business, and the courses we run are designed to give you not only a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of mental health in the workplace, but also to ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable day!

You’ll also have the ongoing support of your course tutors and fellow leaders after the course ends.

You’ll learn and take on practical exercises in the following areas:

  • Workplace mental health – what is it, and why it’s important
  • Distinguishing fact from fiction
  • The 7 Pillars of a Mentally Healthy Workplace©
  • Exploring and understanding Mental Wealth©
  • Identifying mental health issues early on
  • Using the PIECES tool
  • Learning the leader’s role in mental health issues
  • Responding to mental health emergencies
  • Conducting difficult conversations with employees
  • Flexible adjustments at work
  • Developing preventative and recovery strategies

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Benefits of The Leaders Masterclass include

Workplace specific
Qualified Presenters
Up to date information
CBD locations
Comprehensive Resources
Workplace Resilience Risk Assessment


Workplace Specific
Qualified Presenters


Interactive Sessions
Up to the minute information


CBD locations
Comprehensive Resources


Workplace Resilience Risk Assessment

What does it cost?

Register today for just $450 +GST or, if you prefer, contact us to arrange training onsite

You’ll receive:
A place in The Leaders Masterclass
A comprehensive Training Manual
A range of course materials on USB
A PIECES© template
Ongoing support from your Masterclass instructors
Workplace Resilience Risk Assessment debrief for your organisation

According to recent research by consulting firm PWC $2.30 in benefits for every $1 spent

“I highly recommend The Mental Health Recovery Institute to any organisation that require assistance in up skilling their workforce in dealing with staff that suffer a mental illness. Both presenters provided a warm and friendly environment and are well experienced in the field of metal health.

I now have a better understanding in how to deal with staff that suffer from a mental illness and will always remember to take the P.I.E.C.E.S approach on my next journey.”Steven Wren, Regional Manager

“The cost of training pales when compared to the cost of not knowing.”Pedro Diaz

We discuss appropriate responses to situations like this one

One of your staff, Jamie, has recently been promoted to a leadership position and is now responsible for supervising 6 other people. Before the promotion, Jamie was a fantastic worker, very skilled, and got along well with people.

But since she’s been in her new role, you’ve started to realise that perhaps she’s not as capable as you thought. Jamie needs to prepare a report each month. It’s a simple report, but she’s always late with it, and always has some excuse as to why it wasn’t done. You’ve tried to speak with her about it in the past, but she says you are ‘stressing her out’ and ‘can you talk about it later?’

She’s also started to speak quite harshly to her team members. Yesterday you overheard an altercation between her and one of her team members, where she used inappropriate language, which is very unusual for Jamie.

You’re aware that Jamie seems has personal things happening at the moment and you don’t want to cause her any additional anxiety, but you really need to address these matters with her. You realise things could get ugly.

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“It doesn’t have to be like this, sustainable high performance cultures are achievable. Pedro Diaz”

Introducing your Masterclass instructors…

Pedro Diaz

Pedro Diaz

Author, educator & clinician with over 20 years’ experience in mental health and psychological injury management.

Pedro began his mental health career supporting people with severe mental health problems and working as an OHS Risk Management Analyst advising GIO in psychological injury management.

He later moved into senior management for Aftercare, a national mental health service. He is now a consultant to mental health organisations in the development of service delivery systems.

Skills and qualifications: BSW MAASW Acc Mental Health, Cert IV TAE, NLP Trainer & Advanced Results Coach, Acc Trainer of Collaborative Recovery Model.

Emmaline Golding

Emmaline Golding
Emi Golding is a registered psychologist, and Master NLP trainer and practitioner.

She is also a regular consultant for the Mental Health Coordinating Council, the peak body for mental health organisations in NSW.

After working in the mental health sector, both on the frontline and at managerial level, Emi’s adept at providing participants with the knowledge and skills they need to make real changes in the workplace.

Skills and qualifications: Registered Psychologist, Bachelor Science (Hons Psych), Associate Member Australian Psychological Society, Certificate IV TAE, NLP Trainer & Advanced Results Coach, Accredited Trainer of Collaborative Recovery Model

Alison Skate

Alison Skate

Alison has more than 17 years’ experience in workplace psychology.

Her professional experience encompasses six years of service as a Psychology Officer with the Australian Army, and many years providing workplace counselling, personnel assessment, and research.

Alison excels in helping leaders gain a competitive edge in business. With Alison, you’ll learn to effectively influence positive outcomes for your teams and organisations, particularly in relation to health & wellbeing in the workplace.

Skills and qualifications: Psychologist, Master Organisational Psychology, Bachelor Psychology (Organisational Psychology), Master NLP Practitioner, Advanced Sub-conscious Reprogramming

Wayne Horwood

Wayne Horwood

Wayne is a highly experienced and knowledgeable mental health consultant, counsellor and trainer.

Following a 24-year career in the police force, Wayne changed direction and has since held various leadership, management and senior executive roles.

He has been a representative on national committees (NEDC & NADON), member organisation of Beyond Blue and ANZAED, and board member of the Mental Health Coalition of SA.

Skills and qualifications: Master Social Work, Bachelor Psychology, Mental & Social Health Services and Allied Professions, Certificate IV TAE

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